Advertising Techniques: Using Customized Luggage

There are many people who spend quite a bit of time traveling. They spend most of this time carrying luggage from one location to the next. This can prove to be beneficial for your company. In addition to regular sized luggage, you should also consider the smaller accessories, such a makeup bags and smaller garment bags. You have such a broad range of things that can be used, all with one major purpose in common: to promote your company.

Customized luggage and accessories are a great way to literally advertise to a wide variety of people. Every single person that comes in contact with a piece of your customized luggage will see what you have printed. Once you have decided to choose to use luggage and luggage accessories as promotional items, you need to choose which types that you want to use.

Small pieces of luggage may be more effective than the larger counterparts. Not only will they be less expensive, but they will usually be included as a carry-on during airplane travels. This can be beneficial to your company because the carry-on sized luggage will be seen by those who are on the plane, in addition to every person that passes by in the airport. The same can be said for bus and train travel as well.

Luggage tags are also an inexpensive means to use luggage for promotional purposes. On one side, you can include a place for the user’s information. On the flip side, you can have your company’s logo printed. Many people use luggage tags for other purposes. Students use them to labels their backpacks. Business professional use them to label laptop cases or briefcases. Those people who frequent the local gym will use them to label their duffel bags.

The smaller options for using luggage accessories as promotional items can prove to be highly effective. There are a variety of ways that you can distribute these items. Job fairs are most common giveaway place. You can also send promotional items in shipments of customer orders, as a thank you for your purchase type of gift. You can include them in special packaging for specific products, as a bonus item. You can provide them to the merchants who carry your products to distribute as promotional items.

In using some of the methods above for distribution, you are effectively advertising your company to a global market. With the introduction of the Internet, most businesses are now involved in the global market. Competition between companies is higher than it once was. Give your company the promotional advantage by providing customized luggage and accessories. You are effectively advertising your company, while providing your customers with useful tools.